Pollution Incident Reports


Sea water contamination at Government jetty, Saldanha

I have been notified by Sea Harvest that there is oil pollution entering the water in Saldanha Bay due to vessel maintenance occurring in the water at the government jetty (photographs and descriptions of observations […]

Update – Saldanha WWTW – 24 February 2021 at 16h00

The WWTW is back in operation.  No effluent has been released to Bok River.  Background – The untreated sewage was released for a 10 hour period into the maturation pond system at the WWTW. The […]

Urgent Notice – Saldanha WWTW non-functional 24 February 2021

All Aquaculture growers and other users of the bay. See below the message from the SBM regarding non-functional WWTW in Saldanha. Gavin all the best with the repairs. Groete / Regards Christo van Wyk The […]

Nurdle Clean-up Efforts Along Affected Sections of Coastline

Nurdles (small plastic packaging pellets) have been washing up at various beaches along the coast in the south-Western Cape region. This incident of nurdle pollution is being investigated by the South African Maritime Safety Authority […]

Newsflash 2 Oct 2020 – Saldanha Bay Municipality reacting – Beach clean-up, Saldanha

The Clean Saldanha Beach WhatsApp group is working and actions taken are very proactive. It is with pleasure to announce that the Hoedjies Bay stormwater collection “sieve” has been repaired within days of the incident. […]

News Flash – 30 Sep 2020 – SBM reacting to dead seals on beach

The Clean Saldanha Beach WhatsApp has been set up to make all role-players aware immediately of any pollution and debris on the beaches in Saldanha. Pictures of two dead seals were placed on the group […]

Storm Water Pollution, Hoedjies Bay, Saldanha

The Sea Harvest initiated the project at The Hoedjies Bay stormwater outlet that broke after a huge downpour and not being cleaned out in time. This was not broken through vandalism. Councillor Truter also commended […]

Styrofoam Pollution in Saldanha Bay – Photos and Incident Report

Herewith attached is observations conducted this morning Wednesday, 12 August 2020 at around 08:00 am, of Styrofoam floating on the sea’s surface in Saldanha Bay near the Sea Harvest seawater intake. Please see the photos […]

Pollution Incident at Saldanha Bay Government Jetty as reported by Sea Harvest

Report of Pollution Incident observed and reported by Sea Harvest, please read entire report below. As Reported by Sea Harvest Please find attached the following document: Sea water pollution observed from 29/06 – 02/07/2020 at […]