Mon, 20th May 2024

Environmental Authorization Amendment application – ADZ

We have published the decision regarding the Environmental Authorisation amendment application. Appeals must be submitted to , within 20 days from the date of this email.
Thu, 27th April 2023

ADZ Monthly Summary Report – March 2023

This Environmental Control Officer (ECO) summary report provides feedback on Saldanha Bay Aquaculture Development Zone (ADZ) compliance with the Environmental Authorisation (EA) and approved Environmental Management Programme (EMPr). This summary report is distributed to Operators, […]
Thu, 30th March 2023

Annual Environmental Authorisation and Management Programme External Audit

NCC Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd was appointed by Anchor Research and Monitoring, as an independent party to conduct an annual external audit on their compliance with specific conditions stipulated in the Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) […]